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Dress Code

*To proceed with submitting your application, please review and accept our Dress Code and Conflict of Interest Policies at the bottom of this page.

SPACE COAST CREDIT UNION (SCCU) requires all employees to present a professional image to the public and a mutual respect for each other as professionals. Accordingly, each employee is required to wear appropriate business attire while at the office or conducting Space Coast Credit Union business. Employees are expected to arrive appropriately dressed for work and are to remain appropriately dressed until leaving SCCU buildings, facilities and parking lots. While there are many trendy fashions available, many of these are not considered appropriate for the work environment. Clothing should be clean and neat in appearance and ironed if necessary.

Personal appearance should be a matter of concern for each employee. If your supervisor feels your attire and/or grooming is out of place, you will be asked to leave your workplace, without pay, until you are properly attired and/or groomed. Employees who violate dress code standards may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

The following guidelines have been developed to establish consistency and to maintain the image of SCCU.



As with all of your duties and responsibilities as an SCCU employee, you are expected to demonstrate professionalism and good judgment at all times related to your appearance. For this reason, if you are ever in doubt about the appropriateness of your appearance, please keep in mind that anything that could be considered distracting or not presenting the right professional image will not be permitted.


For security reasons all employees are required to wear a company issued name tag or ID badge. ID badges should be worn on an approved SCCU lanyard, or clipped to your clothing. Nametags/ID badges should be visible at all times.


Intentional body alteration or modification for the purpose of achieving a visible, physical effect that disfigures, deforms or similarly detracts from professional image is prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to: visible tattoos, brands, body piercing (other than traditional ear piercing for men and women), tongue piercing or splitting, tooth filing, earlobe expansion and disfiguring skin implants.

Tattoos must be discreetly and completely covered at all times. Jewelry, spacers, retainers, or plugs are not permitted in any body piercing while working.


Employees are required to wear appropriate undergarments at all times. Undergarments should not be visible at any time.

Male employees are required to wear a solid crewneck, V-neck or tank top undershirt, under all shirts. Undershirts should be only minimally visible at the neckline and should not extend past the sleeves.


Due to close contact with members and fellow employees, regular bathing; clean, neat hair; and the use of an anti-perspirant or deodorant are required. For the same reasons, the use of strong, heavy scents and fragrances is not permitted.


The appearances guidelines contained in this policy have been established for both front and back office employees of SCCU and may be changed at any time. Violation of the dress code is a deliberate decision made by an employee. Failure of any employee to adhere to these or any subsequently established or modified standards will result in disciplinary action, up to and including separation from the company.

Ensuring consistent administration of the SCCU Dress Code and Appearance policy is the responsibility of management. Specific questionable deviations from the policy should be referred to Senior Management for further assessment.



Fingernails should be clean and neat. Fingernails should be an appropriate length suitable for the business environment and not distract from your job function. If polish is used it should be an appropriate color. Neon colors or nail jewelry is not allowed.


  • Hair should be clean and neatly combed.
  • Conservative braided hairstyles without beads or ornamentation are permitted.
  • Hair products may be used to create a soft, natural hairstyle within these guidelines.
  • Wet hair is not permitted.
  • Shaving of the head or any portion of the head is not permitted.
  • Artificial hair is permitted if it looks natural and meets all of the above requirements.


If makeup is worn, it should be appropriately applied in a blended manner.


Hosiery is optional for female employees. If hosiery is worn, it should be sheer or opaque hosiery in subdued shades. Patterned or designed style hosiery is not permitted.


Traditional business attire is required Monday through Thursday, which is described by the following:


Professional options for women include dress pants with a classic-style blouse, skirts or pant suit; business dresses; sleeveless business dresses with a jacket; business suits; sweater sets and business shoes. Docker-type pants do not qualify as dress pants and may not be worn except as outlined below under “business casual attire”.

Dress and skirt length should be appropriate for the business environment. Dress and skirt length should be, at maximum, three inches (7.6 cm) above the top of the kneecap bone. Slits in skirts and kick pleats should not exceed five inches (12.7 cm) above the middle of the knee. Extremely long or short skirts or dresses are not permitted. Slacks should be long enough to touch the bottom of the ankle. Ankle should not be exposed when standing.

Winter jackets and coats should present a professional appearance and should be made of fabrics traditionally acceptable in business.


Sleeveless blouses, shells or dresses are only appropriate if worn under a business jacket. Those choosing to wear sleeveless blouses, shells or dresses must wear their jacket at all times while at work. Jackets should ensure that ladies upper arms are covered and arm pits are not visible. This includes all buildings, facilities and parking lots. Only blouses or tops which are designed not to be tucked in may be un-tucked. These blouses should have a small slit on either side at the hips or are cut to be worn outside.


Business shoes should be in good taste and clean. Shoes should be made of polishable material such as leather. Business shoes should have a minimum of 1/2 inch heel. Ballet shoes with no heel or a very thin heel are not permissible.  Appropriate shoes are as follows: Business dress shoes, Sling-back and peep-toe shoes (no more than 2 – 3 visible toes), and dress boots, when worn with slacks long enough to cover the top of the boot when seated. Sandals, slippers or open toed shoes are not permitted.



  • Hair must be neatly cut on the back and sides. The overall style must be neat, natural and balanced proportionally.
  • A shaved head is permitted, as well as a very short military-style cut. Shaving of the eyebrows is not permitted.
  • Extreme or bi-level styles are not permitted.
  • Hair products may be used to create a soft, natural hairstyle within these guidelines.


A fully grown in, well-maintained mustache, beard, or goatee is permitted. Facial hair must be neatly trimmed and may not present an unkempt appearance. Extreme styles are prohibited:

  • All facial hair (beards, goatees and mustaches) must create an overall neat, polished and professional look.
  • All facial hair must be fully grown in, neatly groomed and well maintained and no longer than a quarter of an inch (6mm) in length.
  • Mustaches may extend below the corners of the mouth to meet with the facial beard.
  • Shaping the mustache or beard to a particular style is not permitted.
  • Mustaches (without lower facial hair) must not extend onto or over the upper lip and must extend to the corners of the mouth, but not beyond or below the corners.
  • Employees without a mustached, beard, or goatee are expected to be clean-shaven every day.


Sideburns should be neatly trimmed, straight and even in width, and are permitted to extend to the bottom of the earlobe. They should blend naturally from the hairline and from the length of hair on the head. Flares or muttonchops are not permitted.


Traditional business attire is required Monday through Thursday, which is described by the following:


Business suits, sports jackets or blazers and dress pants are required. Docker-type pants do not qualify as dress pants and may not be worn except as outlined below under “business casual attire”. Winter jackets and coats should present a professional appearance and should be made of fabrics traditionally acceptable in business.


Collared long sleeve dress shirts and ties are required. Ties are required at all times, unless wearing a tie presents a safety hazard. A member of management must authorize this exception. Undershirts must be worn under dress shirts. Shirts must be adequately tucked in and ties pushed to the top of the shirt completely covering the top button. The top button of the dress shirt must be buttoned. Rolled up shirt sleeves are unacceptable. Knitted sweater vests, crew neck and V-neck sweaters are permitted as long as a long-sleeved dress shirt and tie are worn under the sweater.


Dress shoes or dress boots and dress socks are required at all times. Shoes should be made of polishable material such as leather. Athletic socks, crew socks, and/or tube socks are not permitted. Short socks are not permitted. “Skechers” are not considered to be dress shoes.    


Space Coast Credit Union has designated every Friday (Thursday if Friday is a holiday) and Saturday as a business casual day. All employees scheduled to work on a Saturday are required to dress in Business Casual Attire. Those choosing not to wear Business Casual Attire on the approved days must wear traditional business attire. No combination of casual and business attire is permitted.


Oxford type shirts, polo shirts and women’s sweater sets sold through the SCCU Logo Store and approved by Space Coast Credit Union bearing the Space Coast Credit Union embroidered logo (non-collared items must be worn with a collared shirt underneath); Shirts must be tucked in and worn with a belt in order to provide for a neat, clean appearance. Certain styles specifically designed for women to be worn over slacks or skirts that have a scalloped or contoured bottom may be worn without being tucked in based on the style. Un-tucked regular polo shirts are not acceptable. The wearing of items bearing the SCCU logo is reserved exclusively for business casual days and special events.


Dress slacks, skirts, or khaki (“Dockers”-type) slacks are permitted.


Dress shoes or dress boots and dress socks are required at all times. Athletic socks, crew socks, and/or tube socks are not permitted. Short socks are not permitted. “Skechers” are not considered to be dress shoes.
This policy does not require employees to purchase casual business attire. Employees who prefer to dress in traditional business attire should feel free to do so. Casual wear is an additional employee benefit, not a right; abuse of the casual attire guidelines may result in disciplinary action.
Employees should consider each day’s activities when determining what to wear. Employees who are hosting or attending meetings with vendors, or employees from another institution should refrain from wearing casual attire, unless meeting attendees agree in advance, with manager approval, to follow the business casual attire policy. Business casual attire may be worn at certain special events if approved by a member of management.



Clothing that is unnecessarily revealing due to the type of material, the fit or the cut being too low, any garments or shoes that are distracting, or unsafe and non-dress socks are not permitted. Clothing should not be tight or form-fitting. Immoderate hairstyles or colors are unacceptable for business. Jewelry is permissible so long as it is of a conservative nature and is not distracting. No excessively large styles will be permitted. Management reserves the right to determine any article of clothing or jewelry as inappropriate.


Jeans, shorts, skorts, pants with the pockets sewn or stitched on the outside, extremely long or short skirts or dresses, jumpsuits, jogging suits, sportswear, beachwear, stirrup pants, cotton twill pants, khakis, “Dockers” or skirts, except for Business Casual wear. Cropped length or Capri style pants are not permitted. Cotton twill, cargo, leggings or other casual styles do not present a professional image and are not acceptable.


Tee shirts, tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, casual sweaters, sheer, transparent, open weave or see-through materials and other casual style tops are not acceptable. T-shirt like material is not permitted, by themselves or under a business jacket. Layering of tops is not permitted. Cap sleeve blouses or dresses are not permitted unless worn with a business jacket. Fleece style sweaters, “hoodies,” denim, Nylon, or any other cotton type sweater/jacket are not permitted to be worn during business hours. Employees may wear them entering the building then remove upon entering the building. Sweater shawls or sweaters with handkerchief ends are not permitted. Shirts, blouses, sweaters or tops displaying brand logos are not permitted.


Open-toed shoes, slippers, flip flops, clogs, slip on shoes with no back, sandals, tennis shoes, non-dress shoes or non-dress boots, Skechers, Docksiders, dark colored tennis shoes or ballet shoes are not permitted.
By signing below, I acknowledge that SCCU is a traditional business dress culture. I will adhere to this policy during my employment with SCCU.

Interested in applying for a role with SCCU?
  • I acknowledge that SCCU is a traditional business dress culture. I am willing to abide by this dress code if I become a SCCU employee.
  • I have decided not to continue this application process.
Due to potential perceived conflicts or risk or conflict, SCCU maintains a policy of not hiring family members into the credit union. Family member is defined as one of the following:
  • Relationships by blood -- parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, first cousin;
  • Relationships by marriage – spouse (as defined by state law), fiancé/fiancée, step-parent, stepchild, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, half-brother, half-sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, spouse/partner of any of the above; and
  • Engaged to be married (fiancé) or cohabitating as couples/significant others.
If you have a family member working at SCCU, we will not be able to consider your application at this time.
  • I do not have a family member currently working at SCCU. Please take me to the online application.
  • I have a family member currently working at SCCU and will not be able to move forward with the application.


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