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Top 10 Most Reliable Cars

June 27, 2017 by Space Coast Credit Union

JD Power surveyed more than 80,000 people who recently bought or leased a new car, and asked them what the most important factors were in their purchasing or leasing decisions. Nearly half of them (49%) listed reliability as the top consideration. Half of the people surveyed in 2015 (50%) also cited reliability as the number one response. Here is more information about the JD Power 2016 Initial Quality Ratings & Awards.


Consumer Reports

What are the most reliable cars today? One go-to source to find out is Consumer Reports. In October 2016, it published an article about the top 10 most reliable cars, based on data collected from more than 500,000 vehicles, stating it can “predict these cars will give owners fewer problems than their competitors.”
To make its determination, Consumer Reports took a deep dive into 17 potentially problematic areas, ranging from four-wheel drive issues to squeaky brakes, transmission troubles and more. After extensive research, it ranked the Toyota Prius as the most reliable car today. Features highlighted in the summary report include its miles per gallon average—52 mpg, up from the previous model’s 44 mpg—its responsive ride, its ability to run solely on electric power, and the fact that forward-collision warning with automatic braking is now standard (starting in 2017). To see the actual ratings of the car, including its predicted reliability score, you will need to subscribe to its annual service for $35.
The second most reliable car is the Lexus CT 200h, which has “excellent fuel economy”; the third car is the Infiniti Q70 with its “lively 330-hp V6 and a smooth seven-speed automatic.” You can read the entire Consumer Reports article for the rest of the rankings.
Consumer Reports also provides in-depth insight into what it has learned through its testing, offering three key shopping tenets. First, it recommends you not shop solely by brand. Different vehicles within a brand’s lineup vary widely in reliability scores. For example, the Infiniti Q70 sedan ranks an impressive 91, but another Infiniti model, the QX60, ranks only 33.
It also recommends that you proceed with caution when a new or redesigned model first comes to market. Consumer Reports acknowledges that certain brands, such as Toyota and Lexus, are consistently reliable, but even those brands “can launch a few clunkers.” New models or redesigned ones have, by definition, new parts and/or systems, which often translates into new problems.
Finally, it points out how increased complexity can also mean increased problems. If a model features a new system that seems quite complicated, it recommends avoiding that model until the manufacturer has had time to work through the challenges. Later on in the article, Consumer Reports specifically notes its concerns about the design, deployment and marketing of semi-autonomous technologies, advocating for clearer communication from brands about what these technologies can accomplish and what they can’t.

US News

If identifying the top 10 most reliable cars is good, then knowing the top 11 brands must be even better—or so this must be the logic of US News. In May 2017, it listed Honda as the most reliable brand, overall, with a 3.58 score (out of 5). Individual models scored more highly, with the Ridgeline scoring 4.5, and the Accord, Accord Hybrid, and CR-V each scoring a 4. You can read the publication’s entire report for more information about the other brands in its top 11 list.

Reliable Auto Loan Financing

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