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Visa® Student

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Every student should learn financial responsibility, and building a positive credit history is vital to a financially secure lifestyle. SCCU's Visa Student Card is designed to help students establish credit while safeguarding them during the transition to adulthood.
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Product Features

Terms & Fees
Begins with a low line of credit and then increase as needs change Yes
Co-Signer Needed Yes
Regular savings account can be used as collateral for the credit line Yes
Requires a joint account holder who is a parent or legal guardian Yes
Age Limit Must be between the ages of 15 and 18
Other APRs Balance Transfer: As low as 14.24%
Cash Advance As low as 14.24%
Variable Rate information As low as 14.24%
Annual Fee $0
Cash Advance Fee $0
Balance Transfer Fee $0
International Transaction Fee 1% of the converted transaction amount
Other Fees Late Payment Fee: up to $27
Minimum Finance Charge $0.50