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Digital Wallet

Pay the easy way! 

The security and convenience of a totally digital checkout experience is now available for all cardholders! It's simple — just add your SCCU Visa® card to your smartphone's mobile wallet for an easy and secure way to make contactless payments.

As a reminder, SCCU Team Members will never contact you to verify your debit or credit card's CVV number (3 digits on the back of your card), full 16-digit card number, or your Online & Mobile Banking credentials (username and password). If you receive a call requesting such information, or any other sensitive personal or financial information, please disconnect and call us directly at (800) 447-7228. 

Your phone's always on your side. Now your cards can be too with digital wallet.

Shop Online with Ease

Your checkout online is just a click away.

Check out with a Tap in Stores

Conveniently pay on your way out.

Get Peace of Mind with Payments

Digital wallet makes transactions more secure.

How to Add Your SCCU Cards to Digital Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

A digital wallet is a way to store Visa® cards on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or wearable smart device. You can use digital wallet to make purchases without having your physical SCCU Visa® card with you.

Once you’ve added your SCCU Visa® cards, use your digital wallet by simply tapping or selecting your phone’s digital wallet at participating retailers and online.  

You can use your digital wallet at many different merchants. Digital wallets are also accepted in many apps and on participating websites using compatible devices. Use your SCCU Visa® card to make purchases with your digital wallet anywhere you see these logos. You can check which stores, apps, and sites accept Apple Pay® here, Google Pay™ here, and Samsung Pay® here. 

No. There is no fee to use your digital wallet. However, all wallets require an active data plan in order to work. Your data plan may apply additional message and data charges.

Most devices have a digital wallet app preloaded, depending on the device you utilize. For iPhones, the app is called 'Wallet'' while on Samsung and Android devices, the app is called Google Pay­™ or Samsung Pay®, respectively. If your device does not have the app, it can be downloaded from the appropriate app store for your device. 

Please visit your digital wallet provider's website for the most current list of compatible devices. You can access them by clicking the links below:

Apple Pay®
Google Pay
Samsung Pay®

Security Questions

Yes, digital wallets utilize security features that are built into your device to protect your payment transactions. Additionally, you will be required to authenticate yourself before the transaction can be processed. Depending on your device type, the authentication step may be completed using your fingerprint, facial recognition, passcode or PIN. 

  • The digital wallet providers do not store or have access to your full account number, as they are only provided a unique encrypted code.
    • Only the last four digits of your card number are displayed on the card image within the wallet for the purpose of helping you manage your card(s).
  • And, digital wallets convert your actual card numbers into a randomly-generated 16-digit number, known as a token, every time you make a purchase.

For more information on the security features, please click on the links below to visit your digital wallet provider's website:

Apple Pay® Security
Google Pay™ Security
Samsung Pay® Security

Your SCCU Cards Questions

If you need assistance, please contact our Member Service Center at 1-800-447-7228, or click the link below for more information:

Apple Pay® Website
Google Pay™ Website
Samsung Pay® Website

Digital wallets display recent debit and credit card purchases made while using them, but it won't display all your purchase details. You can obtain all of your SCCU Visa® debit and credit card transactions by signing into your SCCU Online Banking account or Mobile Banking app and selecting the appropriate account.

Digital wallet purchases made with your SCCU Visa® debit and credit cards will show on your statement the same way as charges made with your physical cards.

A Device Account Number is a separate and unique card number within digital wallet and is used to secure all your purchases. It's created for your protection while using your digital wallet. If you add the card to multiple devices, each device will have a separate Device Account Number for the same card.

Yes, you can use your SCCU Visa® debit or credit card via Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay® for foreign purchases. Please keep in mind a travel notification request is required and currency exchange rate and fees will apply.

Yes, you can add your SCCU business credit card to your respective digital wallet.